Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant

Visit one of the largest hydroelectric plants in the state of São Paulo

An impressive work of modern engineering, which employed more than 12.000 workers during the 6 years of its construction, the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant is also an interesting tourist attraction. Schedule a visit during the week and get to know one of Brazil’s largest power plants.

Put on the helmet, come in and stay tuned to the guide’s explanations during the visit. By modeling and walking around the machinery and the control room you will understand how the force of water is transformed into electrical energy. Observe and feel the vibration of the turbines in full operation. For the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant to function, it was necessary to build an immense reservoir with 21 billion cubic meters of water, the famous Ilha Solteira Reservoir. The animals that inhabited the place where the reservoir was built were then housed in the Center for the Conservation of Wildlife.

Tips and Guidelines

During the rainy season, between December and February, when the Ilha Solteira Reservoir is normally full, and it is necessary to drain the water, it is possible, with a bit of luck, during the visit to the power plant, to see the beautiful waterfall formed by the excess of water that drains through the spillways, a wonderful spectacle.


  • The construction works of the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant ended 250 days ahead of schedule.
  • With the amount of concrete used, 1.700 buildings of 35 floors each could have been built.
  • Together with the Engenheiro Sousa Dias Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Ilha Solteira Power Plant is the sixth largest hydroelectric complex in the world.
  • In 2010, the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant received from the Bureau Veritas Certification the ISO 9001:2008 quality seal.

Visits must be scheduled in advance by email:
(18) 99630-0341
From Tuesday to Friday, at 9am and 2pm.

Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant

Rodovia MS 444, Km 58 – Selvíria – MS.


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