Sport fishing

We are a sport fishing paradise

Tucunarés, corvinas, pacus and surubins inhabit the waters of the rivers Paraná and Tietê, which cross the municipality of Ilha Solteira and make it a great destination for those who enjoy recreational fishing. For the construction and operation of the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Plant, the two rivers were dammed, forming an immense reservoir with light current, ideal for the fishing of the blue tucunaré, better known as “azulão”, and the corvina.

Do you have an interest in sport fishing, but has never done it yet? Come and visit us! In Ilha Solteira, it is possible to rent equipment for fishing and boats with pilots, who give you instructions on how to fish corvina and other fish. The sport fisherman is the one who chooses the right type of hook, is careful when handling the fish and do not leave it out of the water for too long. And you, who are experienced sport fisherman, have you already tried fishing a blue tucunaré? Come and meet us and discover why we are a sport fishing paradise!

We have hotels and inns prepared to welcome the most and the less experienced fishermen. At the end of the fishing, try the flavors of the local gastronomy in the restaurants located in the Porto de Navegação (Port of Navigation), on the banks of the Paraná River, where you watch a beautiful sunset or choose to visit another of our many attractions.

Main fish found in Ilha Solteira:

Tucunaré: Can reach one meter in length and weigh up to 15 kilos. It eats other fish and any other kind of thing that moves and is smaller than them. It is easier to be hooked during the day and prefers slow or still waters, so it has adapted well to the waters of Ilha Solteira.

Corvina: prefers stronger currents, with sandy or muddy bottoms. As it is a greedy fish, to catch it, one must throw the hook with generous amounts of baits, preferably alive. It measures up to 80 centimeters and weighs about five to six pounds. It lives up to four or five years old.

Tips and Guidelines


  • All Brazilian states have a public agency responsible for granting regional licenses for recreational fishing, but the only document valid throughout the country is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • You must follow the rules of the state where you chose to fish, if they are more strict than the federal ones; There are two categories of licenses for sport fishing: embarked and landed. In Ilha Solteira, we recommend embarked sport fishing.
  • Fishing boats depart from the Porto de Navegação (Port of Navigation) and there are no costs for the use of the ramp for the descent of the boats.


Porto de Navegação (Port of Navigation)

Alameda dos Pescadores

Tuesday to Saturday: 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


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