Ilha Solteira Zoo – Wildlife Conservation Center

The largest and richest collection of wild animals in our region

Better known as the Ilha Solteira Zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Center is a must-see for adults and children. Set aside a few hours in the weekend and watch wild animals such as the anteater, the guan and the jaguar.

The zoo has the largest and richest regional collection of wildlife in the northwest of the state of São Paulo. It first emerged to house the animals that lived in the place where the huge reservoir of the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant was built. Currently, it receives 30,000 visitors a year, curious to observe the more than 200 animals that live there, among reptiles, birds and mammals. The visits are self-guided, which means you and your companions walk the tracks alone until you reach the animals enclosures, which have signs with information about the habits of each species.

The Wildlife Conservation Center is also a shelter and a rehabilitation unit for vulnerable and endangered animals. For schools or research groups, the Center offers monitored technical visits, in which biologists and other practitioners share their knowledge about the species and promote environmental education. You have to schedule the visits.

At the end of the tour, be sure to visit the other attractions of Ilha Solteira.

Tips and Guidelines

Wildlife Conservation Center

Tuesday to Thursday at 9am and 2pmSaturdays from 9 am to 11 am.
Av. Brazil North (next to the North Entrance Portal)
Visits must be scheduled in advance through the email


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