Enjoy Ilha Solteira’s events!

We have interesting events throughout the year in Ilha Solteira. Some of them have national prominence, like the Carnailha, and others are festivals full of attractions. Choose your favorite and come and have fun with us.


The biggest university carnival in Brazil. It happens on the shores of Catarina Beach, with samba and other musical styles. Call your friends and come and celebrate with us.

Beatles Weekend Ilha Solteira

The weekend dedicated to the Beatles, in Ilha Solteira, will touch you! The “Beatles Forever Ilha Solteira” fan club features an intense program with the exhibition of the band’s rare and complete discography, as well as books, movies and newspaper clippings. There is also a cover band presentation and other musical ensembles that pay homage […]

Virada Cultural de Ilha Solteira

Shows of artists of national recognition and other varied cultural attractions. A full day with free attractions for the most different tastes.

Motofest Ilha Solteira

A motorcycle festival with audiences from various parts of Brazil awaits you. Already know the motorcycle universe? So this event is for you! No? Now is the time!

Natal Legal

It’s beautiful to see the city decorated for Christmas. One of the many highlights of our decoration is the traditional 30-meter-high Christmas tree in the center of Ilha Solteira.

National Festival of Brazilian Popular Music of Ilha Solteira

One of the largest and most important MPB events in the State of São Paulo. With over 40 editions held, the Ilha Solteira MPB Festival offers an opportunity for composers and musicians.