Tourist resort

We are a Touristic Resort

Due to its rich history, culture and natural beauty, the municipality of Ilha Solteira is considered, since 2000, by the Government of the State of São Paulo, a Touristic Resort, which provides for receiving public investments for the improvement of the touristic infrastructure, as well as for the creation and updating of our Tourism Comprehensive Plan.

The residents participated actively in the elaboration of the Tourism Comprehensive Plan, which runs from 2016 to 2025, with the purpose of guiding the transformation of the municipality into a regional technical-scientific, fishing and nautical tourism pole until 2025, bringing new revenues and improvement to the quality of life of the people.

In a 10 years outlook, we will be the precursors, in a regional scope, of a properly structured destination for tourists and visitors, for always innovating in our tourist products. The target audiences will be surprised by products tailored to their needs, with more creative differentials than the others on the market, offered at an appropriate price and marketed efficiently.

Our purpose is to prepare a receptive, structured and attractive city. We are based on the pillars of fair economic development, the conscious and valued use of our natural and cultural resources, excellence in rendered services and regionalization.

Over the last few years, our work has generated significant results. Besides having a Tourism Comprehensive Plan that guides the actions in favor of the touristic activity, one of our main attractions, the Catarina Beach, is undergoing a great revitalization to better welcome residents and visitors. We have a Tourist Information Office with excellent structure to guide, with accurate information, those who come to the city.

Our tourism destination is publicized today through a brand and visual identity created based on the impressions and feelings of residents and tourists about living and visiting our city. This brand and this visual identity are present in our publicity materials, such as the Services Guide and this website. The Road Tourist Signage Executive Plan will be implemented next year, and then our city and its main accesses will have signs to guide the visitors.

Espaço do Artesão (Craftsman Place) was recently renovated, making it an even more pleasant place to welcome those interested in getting to know about and buying the beautiful pieces produced by our artisans. We began to carry out researches on tourism demand, which will occur on a constant basis, showing the profiles of those who visit us, their perceptions and their expectations about our tourism activity. These surveys, as well as the Tourism Comprehensive Plan, will be important guides for our actions.

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