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You can get to know Ilha Solteira by car or by road and air transportation. Choose your best option and have a good trip.

By Car or Road Transport

Main distances:

Araçatuba (SP): 180 km
Pereira Barreto (SP): 43 km
Capital São Paulo: 663 km
Três Lagoas (MS): 67 km
Campo Grande (MS): 392 km

Main highways of access to the municipality:


Road transport companies that arrive to our Bus Terminal:

São Luiz: (18) 3742-3205
Reunidas: (18) 3742-2515
Itamarati: (18) 3742-2290

By airplane

Plínio Alarcon airport in the town of Três Lagoas is only 67 km from Ilha Solteira and receives flights from the airlines Passaredo and Azul Linhas Aéreas that leave from various locations in the country. Taxi drivers from both cities make the trip to Três Lagoas Airport – Ilha Solteira – Aeroport de Três Lagoas. For more information, contact taxi drivers from Ilha Solteira by telephone at the taxi rank: (18) 3743-5348.


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