Discover our Enchantments

We bring to you what to do in Ilha Solteira.

How about kayaking or taking a sailboat? We have beautiful river beaches, ideal for the practice of nautical activities and also for the sport fishing of Tucunarés and Corvinas. The biggest university carnival in Brazil and one of the most important Brazilian Popular Music festivals happen here. Visit the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant and our Zoo full of wild animals. Discover the tourism in Ilha Solteira, live our enchantments!

Kayaking and other water sports

Glide through the waters of the Paraná River by kayaking and enjoy landscapes not visible from land. In Catarina and Marina beaches it is also possible to practice several nautical sports.

Boat tour

A beautiful sailboat takes you to discover deserted beaches and islets located in the rivers that cross our county. An unique and unforgettable experience.

City of the Child – Ley Leite Mantiqueira Park

Ilha Solteira’s park is a large green area full of attractions. From the tennis courts to the most varied toys, there are options for children and adults to enjoy.

Ilha Solteira Zoo – Wildlife Conservation Center

Look closely and learn about wild animals such as the anteater, the guan and the jaguar. The Wildlife Conservation Center is full of interesting animals typical of our region.

Sport fishing

In Ilha Solteira the sport fishing is for the experienced in the sport, and also for the beginners. Come and fish and relieve the stress of everyday life with us!

Freshwater beaches

Just a few minutes from the center of Ilha Solteira, the Paraná River forms two beautiful beaches, Catarina Beach and Marina Beach. Both are ideal for cooling off.

Historical monuments

Monuments throughout the city pay homage to the workers who built the Hydroelectric Power Plant and our city. To visit the monuments is to know a little of our history.

Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant

Enter one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the state of São Paulo and learn how the force of water is transformed into electricity.